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Blossoming Again Release

Blossoming again Single Cover
Blossoming again is out in the world available on all streaming platforms here is a  link Blossoming again Some wish for continuous sunshine I just want some shade Both whisper the allure of escape You don’t feel broken in…

HI FI WAY Interview

Camille Barr - The Last Folk Singer
“The project headed by poet and songwriter Camille Barr sees her seamlessly blend her two worlds of artistic expression to capture the kaleidoscope world where exploration is key to understanding the depth of existence. Sitting upon a delicate piano bed…

Messed Up Magazine

Messed up magazine - The Last Folk Singer
“A recent addition to the Australian music industry, The Last Folk Singer is the musical manifestation of poet Camille Barr. Shifting shores from the glorious beaches of Byron Bay to the world class surf of Torquay, The Last Folk Singer…

Scenestr Interview

Scenestr Interview - Camille Barr
“Angelic Celtic folk, alternative chamber music, and indie pop with strong hints of medieval hues anchor The Last Folk Singer in a folk-soundscape that twinkles and bursts forth with an almost fairytale charm. At other junctures, haunting pianos and fierce…

Forte Interview

Forte magazine recently did this little write up about me! Click link to read the full article.   Bonus… My full answer about what my new song …Because I was born a girl is about, there just wasn’t enough…

…Because I was born a girl

...Because I was born a girl by Camille Barr The Last Folk Singer
I would like to firstly acknowledge that it was with the support of four men that the production of this song was made possible (the irony of which is not lost on me, I assure you). The lyrics are definitely…

Pulse 947 Geelong

Camille Barr & Kylie Whyte KickArts Pulse 947 Geelong
I had the pleasure of talking with Kylie and Chris on KickArts 947 the pulse in Geelong about my music and poetry. Follow the link to have a listen.

Beat Magazine

Beat magazine Camille Barr
Thank you to James Robinson and Beat magazine for a great write up! “For Camille Barr, transitioning from poetry to music was a natural progression”