About Camille Barr

“Art for me breaks through the silence and its truth is not only healing it is also makes everything beautiful again.” – CAMILLE BARR

Expression, art and beauty swirl through the universe in an array of shapes, forms and colours, sparking emotionally charged reactions of desire, inspiration, hope and at times even melancholia.

Poet, musician, artist and dreamer, Camille Barr, captures this revolving world through a kaleidoscope lens. She takes the picturesque landscape of life and holds a microscope to it, unveiling the complex political, social and environmental issues suffocating humanity, and transforms those images into narratives where poetry and music collide. Her way with understanding, arranging and transforming words into delicate bodies of story was birthed in the classroom at the age of nine as an outlet for creativity. That creativity has since morphed into her haven and a mirror for her identity.

Working under the title, Sparrow Poetry, Barr delivers astute, raw and comforting pieces through her worldly gaze. Words appear upon her lips as she wakes each morning and she illuminates them on paper to find depth, acceptance and healing.

Barr has recently intertwined the poetic storytelling haven with another sanctuary; the art of music. Shaping lyrical ink with her poetic tones and partnering it with alluring vocal lines, elegant piano chimes, divine guitar sighs and elevating strings, Barr evolves into The Last Folk Singer.

Originally from Byron Bay, the now Geelong Surf Coast local made her musical debut with the haunting ‘A Little Gypsy Song’, followed up by the feminist anthem ‘….Because I Was Born A Girl’, both receiving warm reception from radio stations and publications.

As Camille Barr continues to survey the spirals of art, manifestation and splendour and the relationship we have within the space, she allows you to join her on the exploration of unmasking the truth.

About the Last Folk Singer

My music is inspired by my writing as a poet. When I first tried to think of what genre poetry inspired music would fit into I instantly thought of folk. It was to my surprise then, that when I went to search this genre on Apple Music it was not listed. Jokingly I said well I guess that makes me the last folk singer.

In the end though I decided to stick with it in the same way I have my poetry, for its strong emphasis on storytelling, for its ability to act as a bridge connecting collective knowledge. Even if I’m a little out of sync with the times I still think poetry matters and giving the truest version of myself through my art is the right place for me to be.

I don’t really care what genre I fall into I just enjoy turning poetry into music.

Camille  xx